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Consulting Inter Group

– We know the way for easier access to finance.

– Why are we the best choice for you ?

Company Objectives
  • Improving the quality and the speed of services that we offer on the market
  • Saving time for companies in need of legal services
  • A new way of developing the awareness of the companies regarding the existence of consulting services.
  • Professional discretion and trust


Our mission is the continuous progress and improve the company’s team, and thus improve the quality in the services we offer, therefore setting high standards in the consulting services field, which will result in providing top quality consulting service.


Our vision is to become a leader in the country and the region, with offering a complete legal consulting services, and by expanding our offices in more countries.

We grow together with our customers

Why are we the best
choice for you ?

  • The legal advice is the key element for success in any business.
  • The proper legal advice is invaluable.
  • We offer a fast, efficient and quality way of solving legal problems with minimal risks and full commitment, which leads to the desired goal.
  • The legal consultants are responsible for your reliable business decisions.
Satisfied Customers
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Consulting Inter Group

Do you luck funds
in order to grow and develop your business?

  • We know the way for easier access to finance.
  • Strategic business planning and financial literacy.


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