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About Us

CONSULTING INTER GROUP is a consulting company established in 2011, which specializes in business and corporate law, with proven expertise in the field of legal and economic consulting. Currently the company has established two offices , one in Skopje and the other in Kavadarci, as well as а brunch office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Led by entrepreneurial spirit and new innovative challenges, as well as recognizing the development need of the companies , we have grown into a complete legal consulting service that offers: establishment, growth and development of companies, counseling and legal support, company status changes, access to finance, intellectual property, business plans, legal and economic due diligence, assessments. As active creators in solving the national legal issues, we offer a professional approach to work, and the quick and practical solutions we offer require minimal client involvement, which has become our trademark. In addition, CONSULTING INTER GROUP is accredited by the USAID as a financial facilitator for the Business Ecosystem Development Project, as well as an official consultant at the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, and the IPARD 2 Fund organized by the Agency for Support of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Thanks to the various services offered by our company, the customer base grows continuously, which gives us the opportunity for improvement, dedecation  and quality in Solving legal problems.


The company has strengthened the quality of its services, through  cooperation with  numerous external associates and consultants in various fields, as well as financial and tax experts, and a team of lawyers who follow and support the company in all projects with their expertise.


Continuously, year after year, the company expands its field of work, and thus its team of specialists in their fields.


Consulting Inter Group has signed Memoranda of Understanding with several international consulting companies, and is currently working on big project with them.


Consulting Inter Group  is an active member of several national and international associations, and chambers.

CONSULTING INTER GROUP is a socially responsible company with a defined program for social responsibility through training of young staff, a proud supporter and promoter of women’s entrepreneurship, as well as an active participant in major donation projects.

Address: ​Bul. “Filip Vtori Makedonski” no. 2-2 / 55, Skopje
Phone Number: 078 202 107 & 023 115 858
Е-mail: info@example.com


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