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Commercial law

  • Establishment of a company
  • Company changes (change of name, seat, manager,
    organization form)
  • Transfer of stakeholder shares
  • Status changes (acquisitions and mergers, merging of a company,
    division of a company, combined division of companies,
    division of companies by separation and by establishment)
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Preparation and analysis of Any type of agreements and
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation
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Intellectual property

  • Trademark
  • Geographical designation and designation
    of origin
  • Industrial design
  • Patent
  • Copyright and other related rights
  • Domain protection
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Corporate governance

  • In-depth legal analysis
  • Due dilignece
  • Transfer of shares and connection with stock exchange agencies.
  • Investment opportunities in R. N Macedonia.
  • Business plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Permits for temporary residency of foreigners.
  • Analysis of laws and regulations
  • Representation at front of ministries, competent authorities,
    government agencies
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Financial consulting
  • Financial analysis
  • Capital market
  • Finance, banking, insurance
  • Projects in technological industrial development in North Macedonia
  • Innovative business strategy
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Access to finance

  • Loans (advising and assisting small and medium-sized
    companies in providing credit lines for investment)
  • Co-financed grants for commercialization of innovation
    and technological development
  • IPARD 2 program for development of rural areas
  • Government aid projects for business development.
  • Open fundraising (crowdfunding)
  • Business angels
  • Factoring
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Quality of services
Thanks to the various services offered by our company, the customer base grows continuously, which gives us the opportunity for improvement, dedecation and quality in Solving legal problems.

The company has strengthened the quality of its services, through cooperation with numerous external associates and consultants in various fields, as well as financial and tax experts, and a team of lawyers who follow and support the company in all projects with their expertise.

Continuously, year after year, the company expands its field of work, and thus its team of specialists in their fields.


Consulting Inter Group has signed Memoranda of Understanding with several international consulting companies, and is currently working on big project with them.

Consulting Inter Group is an active member of several national and international associations, and chambers.

Consulting Inter Group

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